Self Improvement

My Struggle to Stay Focused

lack of focus

When I successfully ran a marathon, it was because I diligently trained for months beforehand. When I learned German, it’s because I studies. A lot. As you can see, I’ve had moments where I’ve been able to focus and I’ve achieved success.

It helps for me to remember these moments, otherwise it’s easy to get discouraged while I have a day where I lack focus, like this one.


Give Yourself a Break – Rest Your Mind for Greater Success

visit a museum

visit a museumDo you give yourself enough time to rest your mind? I know that when I work on my business nonstop for hours at a time, eventually I get to the point where I can tell I need a break. Usually, I find myself starting at the screen for long periods of time, or struggle to spell basic words. Sometimes, I get stuck in my writing because I am not sure where I want the piece to go, or I can tell that something isn’t working.


10 Things to Do Before I Turn 40

turning 40When I turned thirty, I didn’t give it much thought. My birthday came and went, and I exhaled with the belief that I didn’t feel any different. Now, seven years later, I still don’t feel different.

However, roughly two and a half years before my fortieth year, I know better. Life is to be celebrated. Birthdays are a reminder that there may be things that I have to do or tasks that have been left unfinished. If I’m going to reach all these goals by the time my birthday comes, I better get started.

My list is unique to me and what I want to accomplish. You are free to adopt this as your list or you can use it as inspiration when you make yours.