About Me

KatherineMy name is Katherine Tsoukalas and I am a professional writer and internet marketer. I started my online business back in 2002 when I was living oversees in Germany. My work has been published in Family Circle, Herb Quarterly, Transitions Abroad and more. I also complete copywriting work for my clients.

Over the years, I’ve realized that true wealth and financial freedom comes from having multiple residual income sources. So, in 2005, I got started learning about internet marketing. It has been both a battle and a joy and this site is the culmination of all my efforts.

Since my journey to success is ever changing, I selected that as my Internet Marketing Blog title. This site is about both my success and yours and I will be sharing with you all the strategies that have worked for me or that I am hoping will work for me in the hopes that it will inspire you to follow a similar path for yourself.

My skills include content marketing, blogging, freelance writing, internet marketing, and search engine optimization. Recently, I joined the team at a local search engine optimization firm and am excited to put my skills to use to help clients succeed.

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