Why Should You Enable Blog Comments?

no blog commentsOne thing that I love to do is peruse the internet looking for new blogs to enjoy.

When I find a post that makes me think or that I truly enjoy I absolutely love leaving a comment. I love it when people comment on my blog, as well.

That’s why I get extremely frustrated when I encounter a blog where comments are disabled.


Top 5 Ways for Finding Blog Post Ideas

blog-post-ideasDo you need blog post ideas? I’ve been writing for a long time and I still feel stumped about what to write from time to time. Some days, I feel that my idea well is so barren that I am certain I’ll never be able to write that day. Of course, this never happens. I’ve learned some tricks that make writer’s block an impossibility.

1. Keep an Idea File

One thing I’ve learned is that I feel exceptionally creative some days and on other days, I can’t come up with an idea no matter how hard I try. So, on days when I know my creativity is in top form, I come up with a list of ideas. On days when I am having trouble deciding what to write, I just pick one of these ideas.


Short Video on Writing Great Blog Content

write-great-blog-content-300x197Yesterday, I wrote about How to Write a Blog Post Your Readers Will Love. Well, I thought I’d look around for a video that has a nice explanation on the elements and philosophies behind great blog content.

For those of you who have not been exposed to Yaro Starak yet, you’re in for a treat. He’s very knowledgeable about internet marketing so I trusted his expertise.

One thing that I want to mention is that blog content is about more than just articles and words. There are other forms of content. Yaro goes over this towards the end of his video. Here are some alternatives to writing blog posts: (more…)