Think Outside The Box to Find Work

Think Outside the Box For Writing Jobs

When looking for freelance writing jobs, it can be all too easy to try the same things over and over again. This is a mistake I made shortly before I got burned out a few years ago. I had just experienced the loss of my best paying gig to date and I struggled to find work that was as fulfilling. So, I turned to the content mills, freelance bid sites, and applying for low paying gigs on sites like Craigslist.


How Any Business Can Benefit from In-Person Marketing

wine tasting

wine tastingSince 2005, I’ve been wrapped up in my internet marketing world. Every client I’ve gotten and every website I’ve created has been promoted exclusively online. I jumped on the twitter and facebook bandwagon back when they first started. I’ve also emailed potential clients, run ads on the likes of Craigslist, and performed search engine optimization for my websites to the best of my ability. The internet ruled, I thought.


Marketing, Writing, and Snow Removal

Blizzard 2015

Blizzard 2015I’m housebound today due to a Winter Storm Juno, a Noreaster. I am in an area of New England that has gotten around 30 inches of snow so far and I believe the number is climbing. I’ve shoveled for several hours. I even learned how to use the snow blower.

Shown here is a picture I took just minutes before I felt inspired to learn how to use it. It would have been very difficult to finish the shoveling had I not had it. Around five more inches has fallen since that photo was taken, but at least the snow removal is under control.


Finding Time For Your Online Business

Time for SuccessOne of the biggest stumbling blocks people face concerning building their internet businesses is the fact that most people don’t have a lot of time. On the surface, these struggles may look like excuses. But, after the December I had, I know that finding time to succeed can be difficult.

However, I have also learned one very important lesson. If we say that we don’t have time, that becomes the reality we strive to achieve. Once I realized this, I knew I could break myself of the habit of thinking time was too limited for me to achieve my goals. Here are some tips I learned along the way.


Create Your Business Plan for 2015

Write Your Business PlanCan you believe it? The year is almost over – there are just under two months left. Not only is this the busy time of year for retail affiliates, like me, but it is also the time where I begin writing my business plan for the next year.

This year, I must have written at least three plans because I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do.

Finally, I have clarity which is something that will help make 2015 my most successful year yet. So, here is a summary of the basic process I go through in order to create my business plan.