Think Outside The Box to Find Work

Think Outside the Box For Writing Jobs

When looking for freelance writing jobs, it can be all too easy to try the same things over and over again. This is a mistake I made shortly before I got burned out a few years ago. I had just experienced the loss of my best paying gig to date and I struggled to find work that was as fulfilling. So, I turned to the content mills, freelance bid sites, and applying for low paying gigs on sites like Craigslist.

I had no doubt that the high paying work was out there, but I was obviously missing something because I was stuck in a huge rut. Sure, I knew that I had the grammar and writing skills to make the kind of cash that I wanted. However, I knew that I would need to extend beyond my typical internet writing jobs to be able to do that.

I quickly learned that I needed to think outside the box and do a few things differently if I was going to find work that I’d enjoy and that would pay the bills. Here are some of my favorite ways to find jobs.

Human Contact

One of my best clients was obtained this way. It was through a contact my mother had made, actually. Whenever you contact someone online through a contact form or meet them in person, they have the potential of giving you freelance work. The pizza place in town almost hired me to complete their website! All you need to do is tell people what you do for a living and sit back and see if they’re interested. If you’re honest about who you are, your next gig may be right around the corner, literally.

Contact Companies Directly

Without a doubt, most SEO companies have enough money to hire freelance writers. That means you won’t be getting paid your usual $.01 per word. If you craft a unique email, you can send it to the company directly and then follow up about a week later with another email. For the follow up, you also may want to pick up the phone which can drive revenue.

Select a Niche Market

By selecting a niche, you’re more likely to attract customers. For example, if you’ve branded yourself as an herbal medicine expert, you may attract a supplement company who needs you to write on their website. Just choose a topic you truly enjoy, which will help prevent burnout.

What are your favorite ways to find work? Leave a message in the comments!

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