My Struggle to Stay Focused

lack of focus

When I successfully ran a marathon, it was because I diligently trained for months beforehand. When I learned German, it’s because I studies. A lot. As you can see, I’ve had moments where I’ve been able to focus and I’ve achieved success.

It helps for me to remember these moments, otherwise it’s easy to get discouraged while I have a day where I lack focus, like this one.

So far, I’ve watched five episodes of Melissa & Joey, then Hitch, and now I am watching Everafter. I’m just about as distracted as you can get right now.

There are a few thoughts that are running through my mind right now.

1. List building. I am wondering how I can build my subscriber list a little faster. I am offering an ebook for free that I know will help people. I just need to spread the word!

2. Writing posts. How can I continue to come up with valuable post ideas for this blog that will genuinely help people?

3, Other projects. When will I be able to work on some of my other projects, such as my Herbal Medicine website?

4. Finding balance. How can I balance my life, my J.O.B, and my online business? I know I am focusing on all of these, I am just concerned I won’t have enough time.

I have no idea how any of these will be resolved, but I will be working on them diligently until I reach my goals.

What are your goals? How about your concerns? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Jessica B Woods

    Oh, I could have written this post! Today is a snow day, so the kids are at home. And, though I know I have a zillion things I *should* be doing, I’m blog surfing instead. It doesn’t help that I’m battling some serious sinus crud, but even on a good day, focus can be elusive.

    I have found that if I pick something to do, turn off all distractions (including Facebook and Twitter), and close down my email app, so I can’t see when mail pops up, I can get more done. It sounds almost cliche, but this method is just the only real way I can be effectively focused, otherwise I’m surfing status updates all day or tweeting pics of fluffy kittens, lol!

  2. Katherine (Post author)

    I’m currently watching television, playing on twitter, checking my email, browsing on blogs, and trying to write a blog post. I am definitely having one of those “no focus” moments. Again. I’m mentally tried from work and trying to get some stuff done. Plus I just watched the episode on Big Bang Theory where Harold’s mother died (I knew she died in real life) and that’s making me feel icky. 🙁 I hope you feel better! Sinus issues are no fun!


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