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I am entering a new phase of this blog. As you may recall, I originally started this blog as a way to share with you my journey of making money online. You know what? Even though that is still my mission, I’ve realized that this blog needs to evolve in the same way that my business is. Here’s some more information about what I’ll be doing with this blog.

One of the biggest changes is that I’ve gotten a job at an SEO company and I am excited to apply what I am learning at work to my online websites. I am going to share this information with you, too.

As a result of this job, I no longer need to take on random writing work that doesn’t mean anything to me. Now, I can pursue all my passion projects, such as my website Herbal Medicine.

When I first decided I wanted to be a writer back in the fourth grade, I thought I’d be writing fiction. Perhaps this is also in my future?

Besides the changes to this blog, I will also be posting even more helpful content, which will no doubt be affected by the state of my own business. To make sure I am doing the right thing, though, I need to ask you: what topics concerning writing and online business do you want to know more about?



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  1. Jessica B Woods

    Katherine, congratulations on the SEO job! I know how it feels to have to write stuff that doesn’t appeal to you/is boring/is just to put food on the table. I still have to fall back on content mills to fill in the gaps between private clients and my own stuff, but hopefully not for much longer! I’m “practicing what I preach” and working on building up my own Kindle backlog, plus recently opened a PLR store, and still ghostwriting for some great clients.

    I’ve met a lot of people who start out writing, whether it’s for mills or clients, who transition to marketing. It’s not always easy learning new things, but it’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?! Glad to have found your blog…I’ll definitely be checking back in!

  2. Katherine (Post author)

    Thank you for the “congrats” Jessica. I was falling back on the content mills for a very long time and it was hard to stay motivated. I’d get so bored! My next phase is to just focus on this blog and on my business and to only do one thing at a time. I would always try to do too much and I’d get next to nothing done. Kindle is on my list. A PLR store is on my list. Creating products is on my list… I just need to focus and use my time wisely. The nice thing about marketing is that I was kind of doing it anyway as part of my online business and my websites so the transition hasn’t been too bad. Not being able to get a pedicure or go food shopping in the middle of the day … well that’s taking some getting used to! Glad I found your blog, too. 😉


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