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How to Write an Article for a Client

freelance writingAs you all know, I got my start on the internet as a freelance writer. I remember my first paid project – it was about hairbrushes! This individual was a hair brush seller and needed articles for a website.

I was nervous because this kind of work was unlike anything I had done. Prior to that, I made my income by getting my articles and creative writing published in magazines and literary journals.


3 Ways to Make Money Online

make money jewelryAre you interested in learning ways to make money online? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t give up my online business for anything. I started out as a freelance writer back in 2002 out of necessity as a military spouse living oversees. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

What are your reasons for learning how to make money online from home? For me, it’s the notion that I can be complete independent and in control of my own life. Not only that, but it is a great way for me to utilize my writing skills and help others with the things that I write.


Make Money Writing Articles With iWriter

My first exposure to before I started writing there was as a buyer. I took on a project for a client to deliver 100 articles over the span of just a few weeks. I quickly learned that I was in way over my head and I knew I needed help.

I decided to use iWriter over other content sites because I liked the way the site was organized and the rates were very reasonable. Two weeks later, my project was complete – and I was still able to turn a profit. The process was painless.


10 Things to Do Before I Turn 40

turning 40When I turned thirty, I didn’t give it much thought. My birthday came and went, and I exhaled with the belief that I didn’t feel any different. Now, seven years later, I still don’t feel different.

However, roughly two and a half years before my fortieth year, I know better. Life is to be celebrated. Birthdays are a reminder that there may be things that I have to do or tasks that have been left unfinished. If I’m going to reach all these goals by the time my birthday comes, I better get started.

My list is unique to me and what I want to accomplish. You are free to adopt this as your list or you can use it as inspiration when you make yours.


Create Your Business Plan for 2015

Write Your Business PlanCan you believe it? The year is almost over – there are just under two months left. Not only is this the busy time of year for retail affiliates, like me, but it is also the time where I begin writing my business plan for the next year.

This year, I must have written at least three plans because I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do.

Finally, I have clarity which is something that will help make 2015 my most successful year yet. So, here is a summary of the basic process I go through in order to create my business plan.


Schedule Time for Residual Income

make moneyAs a ghostwriter, it can be easy to get caught up in the endless cycle of doing work just to get our paycheck.

Don’t get me wrong – I love writing for my clients. What I don’t love is the idea that if I am not working on a project, I am not getting paid. That’s what residual income is for.

The only problem with this is that it is too easy to pack up my schedule too tight. When I am not working on a project, I am securing the next project.