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My first exposure to before I started writing there was as a buyer. I took on a project for a client to deliver 100 articles over the span of just a few weeks. I quickly learned that I was in way over my head and I knew I needed help.

I decided to use iWriter over other content sites because I liked the way the site was organized and the rates were very reasonable. Two weeks later, my project was complete – and I was still able to turn a profit. The process was painless.

iWriter Can Help Me Make Money Writing

As a writer, I am always looking for new, engaging opportunities to help me make money. My mentor, Sara Young, brought it to my attention that since I need extra cash, iWriter is a good site to write for.

I’ve written for sites like this in the past and have had great experiences – but it seems that iWriter is the “toast of the town” with plenty of writers making good money there. Today, I took a challenge to write one article there per day, just to get some cash rolling in while I build my online business.

Fast Track Program Test

I actually have written articles at iWriter before – four of them to be exact. However, the process to get approved into the upper levels is rather painstaking and I need to bring in as much money as I can, as quickly as I can, so that I can change my financial situation sooner than later.

So, I applied for the Fast Track Program. It costs money, but promises to deliver prompt ratings where I will be pushed into one of the upper levels sooner rather than later. Sounds good to me- I will certainly make that money back.

My Writing Challenge – An Article a Day

Today, Sara Young challenged me to write one article a day. I gladly accepted. In fact, I need to write much more than that to get some money flowing in. However, one article is more than doable. I’ll happily accomplish this challenge each day, and hopefully exceed it by writing more than one article per day. In about a week, I’ll post again outlining my progress.

Sign up for iWriter now (that was my affiliate link) if you would like to join me on this challenge, if you need to make some extra money, or if you need to hire writers. Also, feel free contact me if you have any questions. You only need one account which will allow you to be both a buyer and a writer, depending on what your needs are.

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  1. Anthony

    IWriter is a very good place to learn the art of writing articles. The fact that one has a time limit imposed to write forces the writer to complete the task without over thinking the outcome. Something that many bloggers do consistently and consequently never get the article to their expectation level. In today’s world readers want information quickly and accurately without having to try to understand something written to a PHD thesis standard.

    Your article is notable for the fact that you have mentioned both sides of the opportunity available in IWriter. Personally I have not used the buyer side but have used the writer side. I was able to get enough private request work in a short time period to enable me to work without reaching the higher levels available.

    Well written article and a great read. Thank you for the effort.


  2. Kathy (Post author)

    Hi Anthony, I really appreciate your feedback! Your experience as a seasoned iWriter veteran was interesting and I am happy to read about your perspective. Hopefully I’ll get some private requests, too, as things get rolling there.


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